Dr Diana Adams

Clinician Researcher
Field of Research: 
Medical Oncology

Dr Diana Adams is a Medical Oncologist sub-specialising in breast, gynaecological and urological cancers. She has embraced the need for survivorship-care into her routine clinical practice imparticular addressing the role of the metabolic syndrome in reducing the risk of cancer recurrence as well as minimising the late effects of therapy.  She has a collaborative practice with a metabolic endocrinologist as well as patients who have participated in an exercise intervention post treatment at the University of Western Sydney. Publications include the use of E Health ( Healthy Me)  to promote wellness in breast cancer patients as well as chemotherapy cessation within  2 and 4 weeks of death as a QOPI practice measure. She is a member of the Medical Oncology Group of Australia Group Executive committee and is a working group member of the ANZGOG Research Advisory Committee.