Member benefits include:

  • Entitlement to apply for funding for CONCERT Research Scholar Award schemes and other future funding schemes.
  • Eligibility to apply as an investigator for Cancer Institute NSW funding schemes that require membership of a Translational Cancer Research Centre; for further details see.
  • Participation in training & education sessions and scientific meetings & workshops organised by CONCERT.
  • Being part of a dynamic research consortium with access to state of the art facilities and equipment.
  • Collaborations with researchers and clinicians who are leaders in their respective field.

Application process:

It’s easy to become a CONCERT member, just follow the 1-2-3 steps as follows:

  1. Identify the relevant RESPONSIBLE MEMBER and contact details to request endorsement of your membership application. The MEMBER GROUP lists all CONCERT partner institutions, so pick the one most relevant to you.
  2. Complete the following online Membership Application Form
  3. Email your current CV and the short statement about your skills & expertise (max 100 words as per online application form) to the relevant RESPONSIBLE MEMBER and to the Director of CONCERT, Prof Paul de Souza (, with a copy to

Please feel free to contact us ( if you have any questions.

Membership Application Process