4th Thomas Ashworth CTC & Liquid Biopsy Symposium - Nov 2017

January 8, 2018

The 4th Thomas Ashworth CTC & Liquid Biopsy Symposium was held at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney Nov 15-16, 2017. As one of CONCERT’s educational flagship activities, in partnership with the Ingham Institute, this annual Symposium is dedicated to fostering translational research and education on the clinical utility of liquid biopsy, including circulating tumour cells (CTC) and nucleic acids. The 2017 meeting also incorporated joint OzMRS sessions on metastasis. Since the inaugural Symposium in 2014, this national meeting has evolved into a premier initiative where cutting edge academic research, clinical practice and industry innovations come together under one umbrella. The two day event brought together 163 clinicians, researchers, students, community members and industry delegates hailing from across Australia and overseas, all of who made the Symposium a vibrant and friendly place to discuss the latest advances in the liquid biopsy field and personalized oncology. With four keynote lectures by leading international and national experts, and more than 20 presentations by local and interstate researchers, the program covered the translational pathway linking bench research to the patient’s bedside; topics included pre-clinical in vitro and in vivo models, exosomes, mechanisms of disease, pathology and resistance, technology improvements and clinical outcomes of liquid biopsy applications. Highly energetic 5 minute presentations were given by young investigators (postgraduate student and early career) selected form abstracts in the RapidFire session, a time-constrained balancing act of focus and concisely delivering their finding. Generous prizes were awarded to the best presentations. Sobering real life experience from the patient and clinician view was also shared in the concluding panel discussion, with practical examples of liquid biopsy analyses for applied treatment decision making. In summary, the Symposium was a great success and met expectations and objectives, with many delegates having formed new collaborations and personal linkages. Highly positive feedback has been received and we look forward to the 2018 Symposium in Sydney later in the year (September 27-28), so please place this event into your conference attendance calendar.  Finally, a big Thank You for the sponsorship by government and industry partners, and all supporters who enable the sustainability of this Symposium. More information on the program and speaker list is available on the 2017 Symposium handbook.


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